The personal relationship between customer and manufacturer is the key component of our company’s philosophy. We always pay great attention to our client’s requests and thanks to our interpretation, we are able to find the products that best fit the most diverse firing cases.We are a constantly growing company that invests hugely in design, not to keep up with the times, but often to lay down the most innovative guidelines.

Our clients have chosen us and will keep on choosing us as our effort to innovate will keep on shaping more and more sophisticated firing systems.

European Conformity



We are proud of many collaborations with some of the best designers in the fields of electronics, mechanics and radio frequency, who have decades of experience. These collaborations allow us to concentrate our work in a product that is strictly built, tested and assembled in Italy by experts. The craftsmanship is the millenary feature that distinguishes Italians and it allows Pyromac to always have extremely high quality products, unlike those who prefer to import low quality products. A careful consideration of materials, which is never based on a pure economic matter, guarantees the maintenance of high quality standards throughout time, in order to never let down our loyal clientele.


Pyromac always pays attention to its clientele’s needs and covers all its products with 24 months of international warranty. Pyromac also offers, at the end of the 24 months, the service of a trained team to repair and maintain all components.
Our warehouse allows us to repair even the oldest systems, guaranteeing our client an ongoing service. The systems we produce have an engraved series number, which allows us to identify the owner in case the modules were stolen or sold on the illegal market. Pyromac will ensure (after filing report) to hold on to the product and to warn owner and authorities.


Pyromac’s Firing System use a strict safety protocol which is encrypted in order to avoid any kind of interference that could put the operator and the audience in danger. 
An “armored” structure to access the firing feature and a communication user code, are just two of the many tricks we use to avoid and minimize malfunctions. When turned on, each module of the system runs an automatic diagnosis of all its internal components, so it can safely verify if there are any errors or malfunctions. All of this is done before enabling the power to which firing cues could be connected to. Last, but not least, is the new system with double-frequency communication, which is currently used by Pyromac only worldwide. This system works on two different frequencies at the same time in order to guarantee a perfect communication even in case of temporary external interferences.


All of our products are certified CE, as the current legislation prescribes. Technical testing is done in certified and authorized labs, among which IMQ Spa in Milan. Each control panel sold has a declaration of conformity drawn up according to the italian relevant directive. This is essential not only to make sure you have a safe and certified product, but also in case of a Public Safety inspection within the firing area. Inspections are more and more common in the pyrotechnic field and documentation for the electronic equipment used is often checked. Pyromac is also registered at the register of companies with the Chamber of Commerce in Brescia under the identification number BS – 513704


The staff will be happy to respond or contact you within 24/48 h