Pyromac was founded 14 years ago by a young enthusiast of the pyrotechnic world, who was highly motivated to fill the gaps of the various firing systems available at that time.

He then became a determined up and coming entrepreneur and today he sees his products being used in various countries of the world and shown in some of the most prestigious pyrotechnic display windows. This is proof of how the reliability of his system has won positive acclaim among the greatest operators in the field.

Today, Pyromac is a well-established and structured company that creates, designs, produces and assembles all his products exclusively in Italy, at its headquarters in Provaglio d’Iseo (BS).

An ongoing challenge is renewed daily to guarantee reliability when firing, while paying special attention to the device’s safety, starting from its assembling and the people involved in this delicate task.

Our constant purpose to transform better into best is what keeps this company going, not only by satisfying the customer demands, but also by anticipating them even before they are requested.

Our effort in the pyrotechnic world aims to make every show, from the most simple to the most complex, easy and safe to put on.

European Conformity


Our intention has always been to create equipment that guarantees great reliability and safety in all areas of pyrotechnics: from mounting, to transportation, from shooting to disassembling.
With great effort we have already achieved many goals, but there are even more goals that we set ourselves daily, because we are aware that a quick and pressing business like electronics requires promptness and all eyes on the future.
Thanks to our hard work we have reached many countries of the world with our products and we intend to expand our presence more and more on the world stage of pyrotechnics.


Our cutting-edge in-house lab with precision electronic equipment allows us to precisely and objectively analyze what we have on our hands. This equipment is crucial: when designing, in order to create electronically stable and efficient circuits; when testing each component produced and sold; and lastly it is crucial in order to provide professional maintenance for our clients’ devices.


Our goal has always been our customer’s satisfaction and the responsibility of providing him with complete product able to perform for all kinds of shows, from the most simple, to the most unordinary and complex. Consequently, our customer will be able to satisfy his own end client.

Our philosophy has always been to be one step ahead and to not be caught unprepared. Now more than ever, we dedicate great amounts of resources to research and development. This approach is very costly financially, but, as our past years in the field have taught us, investing is the winning element for the future. Always setting the bar a little higher is key, so that we never stop.



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