Pyromac also offers a rental service, providing a fair amount of equipment (professional line only). The rental cost up to 20 days is 1% of the value of the new equipment for every day (minimum 5 days). The days are calculated from when the equipment leaves until it returns to the Pyromac warehouse. A deposit is required.
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From 2021 Pyromac has introduced a new form of sale. It provides for a deferred payment but in the same way introduces a limitation in the quantity of the available shows. The operation is described in detail on this blog page.
WE WOULD LIKE TO INFORM ALL POTENTIAL BUYERS OF USED PYROMAC EQUIPMENT WHO INTEND TO CONCLUDE A PRIVATELY NEGOTIATION, that the devices with active the limitation mentioned above are not identifiable from the outside. It is therefore not possible to distinguish a “limited” product from an “unlocked” one. There is therefore the possibility that someone in bad faith will try to sell a “limited” (therefore cheaper) product by passing it off as “unlocked”.
In order to fully protect our honest customers, we make publicly available on this page the full list of all the devices that are sold with active the limitation.
We therefore invite the aforementioned buyers to verify that the devices of their interest do not appear among the serial numbers on this page. The serial number is present in the Pyromac7 modules on the label in the lid and for Slim16 modules engraved in the steel on the side. For both, it is possible to check this number by connecting them to a Master Compact and using the appropriate “Individual diagnostics” command. In this way you will see the actual serial number set by the manufacturer and not removable.

Dispositivi di tipo SLIM16:

Dispositivi di tipo PYROMAC7:


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