What they say about us

Easy to program and precise to shoot, these are the two features of the Pyromac system that impressed me right from the start. I never thought I could learn to use a professional system so quickly

Setting aside our first awful experience with another older and less performing firing system produced by a foreign company, we now trust the Pyromac control units with all of our shows, from simple to very complicated ones

Having the option to choose between firing via radio or cable is a guarantee for those like us who often fire form a barge in the middle of the sea

The waterproof Slim16 system allows me to set up the fireworks even in the worst weather conditions without having to worry about protecting electronics from the rain

I started out 7 years ago buying a small manual firing system for small shows and today with that same system, upgraded and implemented, I do a lot bigger shows and to the rhythm of music

I urgently needed a practical and functional system for a specific job in the field of cinema… At Pyromac I found everything I needed

My adventure in the world of pyrotechnics started almost at the same time as Pyromac’s opening and today, after many years, it’s still one of my most loyal and helpful suppliers

My biggest worry was learning everything I needed to know to make them work… now my only worry is not having enough channels to let out all my creativity

When I was a kid I would always watch videos of big shows wondering how they were done… after discovering Pyromac not only did I understand how they are done, but I also had the opportunity to make my own

I was fed up with turning down jobs because I couldn’t please the more demanding clients, so I invested in electronic equipment which gave me the chance to perform in those places, that I otherwise would have given up

The initial investment is nothing compared to the peace of mind in seeing my son falling into my footsteps, but with more safety than I once had

In today’s digital world it’s easy to find dozens of cheap and low quality firing systems that do not guarantee the safety that I want for my workers.

Great system, precise and simple to use even for those who use them in the theater and tv studios like I do

I still have my very first control unit that I bought when I started this job, it still works and I will always keep it as a memento


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