The system: how it’s made and how it works

Master Manual 192

It is a manual control panel used for the ignition of traditional pyrotechnic shows.
It allows to control up to 12 modules Slim16 with 16 firing cues each, for a total of 192 cues. Master Manual is very easy to use: each Slim16 is identified with a letter from A to N. The 12 letters are on the control unit’s panel and by selecting one or more, you can send the firing commands for that (or those) letters. Then, by pressing the FIRE button and the channel number that you want to activate, the ignition commands will actually be sent. The Master Manual 192 and Slim16 are connected with cables. However, it is also possible to have a wireless radio connection (as explained below).

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Master Compact

It is a digital control panel for not only manual, but also sequential, automatic and pyro-musical shows. The Master Compact is able to manage up to 999 modules (Slaves) both Slim16 and Pyromac7. Just like the Master Manual, the connection can be by cable or by radio link.
The Master Compact can store shows on its internal memory. Therefore it can be autonomous, in fact having a computer isn’t necessary during the show. The uploaded script have to be previously programmed on a computer with specific software (for example Pyromac Editor, which is free, Finale Fireworks 3D, Infinity Vision, FWsim).
If using Master Compact, there are NO LIMITATIONS OF USE: any kind of firing or configuration the operator wants is possible.

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the latest evolution of the famous slave Micro16, that debuted at the Symposium on Fireworks in 2019. It’s a 16-channel slat without internal batteries or programming. It’s very small and recommended for direct mounting on arches, bases and racks for single shots.

Slim16 has an aluminum cover with a removable hinge that allows to protect the modules even from fallen burning material. The operator can also decide to remove the cover in order to set the Slave directly on the racks with tear-off cable ties. The small size allows it to be placed anywhere! Furthermore, Pyromac has made Slim16 completely waterproof. 
Last but not least, because it doesn’t have internal batteries, maintenance costs are minimized (basically zero for this product). This allows the technician to avoid charging hundreds of modules before each display.

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Pyromac 7

it’s the restyling of its famous predecessor Pyromac6. It maintains the same function, but has cutting-edge electronics and a new kind of quick connector. It has 32 firing cue channels directly on the control panel. On the right side it has 3 outputs to connect up to 10 Slim16 each and it also has an input for cable connection. On left side it has two connectors for antennas, in fact, this Slave can function via radio link, without cables connected to the Master, providing digital signal not only to itself but also to all other connected Slim16.

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Connecting and arranging components:

Connecting Pyromac modules is a piece of cake! The only rule to remember is that each line can have maximum 10 Slim16 and maximum 200 m long cable.

Here are three simple examples:

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