Micro 16 (ciabatte-slave)

Technical characteristics:

Power supply: external, 24v

Maximum test current: <1mA

Number of outputs: 16

Casing: stainless steel Size: 31x7x5cm

CE Certificate


The Micro 16is a tiny and chip slave with 16 channels that can be used for Manual or for Musical shows (commanded by Master Compact or Manual 160).
From small units (only 31x7x5cm), fixing and shape are designed to apply directly on the structures and facilities generally, so that you can make the whole wiring in stock and get in the shot with most of the work already performed. You can request to Pyromac the technical drawing of the fixing holes so you can make add suitable bolts on their facilities.
No batteries inside the Micro16 guarantees during transport anyway igniters may not be triggered, it is as if they weren’t even connected to the control unit itself. The added benefit is not having any time to worry about having to charge the batteries, is that these units do not require maintenance! The reduced consumption of the management circuitry and the presence of powerful capacitors, connect these computers until the considerable distance of 200 metres from the power source. On each is can be plugged into cable up to 10 micro16. Small controller does not mean low performance on each channel, you can connect up to 20 igniters and the minimum time interval between one shot and the other is 0.01 seconds, less than what the human eye can perceive.
The internal management is developed with the latest technologies available on the market, in order to ensure the best performance even under the most unfavourable conditions. Line activation takes place through specific electronic components: avoiding mechanical contact avoids several problems of wear and tear over time and malfunctioning due to violent shocks or vibrations. In order to further increase safety, before you can activate any line, it is essential that within the different parts of the control unit simultaneously receive orders to fire.
It happens sometimes that due to an incorrect connection of the igniters, or due to the fallout of material still on, can be of short circuits. Many firing systems in this case would go haywire, become damaged or badly off. The technology used in Pyromac systems, automatically limits the output current, thus avoiding any damage to your system or to the wires. Definitely the igniter with short circuits may not be used, but the rest of the show will continue without problems.

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Essential function is certainly test the igniters: this control unit maintains electronically controlled current circulate, in such a way as to exclude completely the possibility of undesired ignitions. Is also sent electronically to remote control, so you can keep monitored the status from the Master at any time.
This in fact a slave unit may not be used individually, have to be remote controlled, so either from from Master Compact or Manual Controller 160. The protocol used is of maximum security, and besides having internal encryption codes, allows the customer to enter a secret code (group code), so you can work in complete safety even in case of races with competitors using the same system Pyromac.
The terminal type used (QuickClips), is produced almost exclusively for using in firing system. Its structure made of stainless steel and plastic, allows the insertion and the perfect tightening of one or more wires. Simply press with two fingers the plastic outside and then scroll down, insert the wire or wires already stripped within the space that is created between the plastic and the central steel, and release and then the outside. A powerful spring will tighten the conductor ensuring a perfect electrical contact. There is no hole in which to insert the wire in the central cylinder: the conductor is simply resting upright between the plastic and the central metal at any point! Clamps Quick Clips, unlike terminals used by some competitors, not harm in any way the wire inserted, since the clamping surface is broad and does not try then slice the small wire inserted.