Master Compact

Technical features:
Anti-shock case HPRC2300
Audio cable XLR3 with combo jack 6,3 mm for SMPTE
USB-type B port for transferring data (standard USB cable included)
Membrane touch button for turning on and standard charging connector 5×2.1
Exclusive Pyromac electronic board with dedicated processore
XLR4 output powered by direct connection to Slim16
Immediate view of battery-life in LED
Option to set up integrated radio modem
Internal stainless steel support structure (without holes on the bottom of the case)
Manageable devices: 999 slaves. With SMPTE sync: countless
Encoded transmission protocol with exclusive User code to guarantee safety even in case of multiple Pyromac systems used at the same time.
Provision for DMX output
Possibility to manage the duration time of activation of all slave outputs
24 month international warranty
CE certified

The Pyromac Master Compact is the “brain” of the system: it is essential to work on traditional pyrotechnic shows and medium to big pyro-musical displays. Its function is to command all power modules (slaves) in the firing area optimizing the layout of the channels used and of the necessary cables. This is done digitally and bidirectionally, using the most modern existing communication standards. The Master firing system is the device that sits in between the operator and the show, so it is crucial for it to be effective and at the same time easy and direct to use.

How does it work?

The Pyromac Master Compact is able to operate manual, semi-automatic, and pyro-musical firing programs and can save them in its internal storage. The saved shows can be pulled up at any given moment and started an infinite amount of times. Simply turn on the Master, select the desired program, enable the safety key and every time the FIRE button is pressed, the preset sequence will start.

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How is the Master connected to the Salve modules?

The Master communicates with all slaves through radio modem or wire.

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Through this connection the Master is able to send information (firing sequences, synchronizing signals, information and control requests…) and receive information from the different modules (presence confirmation, the condition of the igniters, programming confirmation…).

Two different types of Slaves are available: Pyromac7 and Slim16. Both slaves are operated by the Master, so the system can have any kind of module based on the operator’s needs. In case of radio modem, simply enable all Pyromac7 for wireless transmission in order to operate the entire system without wires. The modem used doesn’t have any limit on the amount of connections, so just one module is able to receive data for the entire system connected. Likewise, each Pyromac7 can have an internal independent receiver. The wireless transmission is coded on three levels, so it guarantees excellent safety for operators.

Latest feature of 2019 is the new wireless radio communication. Pyromac uses a simultaneous dual-frequency connection. First company worldwide to use this technology, we are able to guarantee wireless communication even in case of interference. This is because by working on two different radio frequency bands, it is highly unlikely for there to be an interference on both frequencies at the same exact time.

Product’s performance:

The Master Compact is able to operate up to 999 slave modules (16 or 32 channels) and a total of 10.000 firing cues. This limit is the same for wireless modules, therefore even by radio connection, 999 slaves can be operated, each with their own modem.

The system’s precision is to the one-hundredth of a second. The precision is so high that it isn’t even visible to the human eye!

The maximum length of the XLR4 cable for connecting Slim16 modules directly to the Master is 200 meters. Whereas the maximum number of Slim16 that can be directly connected is 10 units.

The timecode guarantees synchronization with an audio track and it controls firing precision to the 4-hundredths of a second.

Battery-life is about 15 hours during normal use, therefore it isn’t necessary to recharge the battery for every show.

How do you program a show? And how do you transfer it to the Master?

The displays are created on a computer software and there are various ones you can choose from. First of all, there is Pyromac Editor (provided free of charge to all Pyromac customers), alternatively other well-known pyrotechnic simulation softwares are compatible, for example Finale 3D, Infinity Vision, FWsim.
In any case, all the softwares do the same thing: they generate a text file .txt that contains the firing list. To copy it in the Master Compact’s internal memory, simply connect it to your PC with the USB cable provided and transfer the file.

How is the audio synchronized?

Until now we haven’t mentioned sound tracks and that’s because there is no need to!

The audio is reproduced externally from the Master using any kind of CD player, computer, tablet or sound system. You do not have to purchase anything: everyone has a music player, whatever the kind, whatever the brand.

The desired sound track with the time-code is saved on the media player. This process is very simple and it can be done in just a few seconds on any computer.

When firing, the operator will need to connect a cable with two outputs: one needs to be connected to the sound system and the other output needs to be connected to the Master Compact.

After connecting the Master, simply press PLAY on the media player to activate fireworks and music in perfect sync! You can press PUASE at any time and then PLAY again based on your needs.

This is the “cleanest” method to maintain high-quality sound without interferences. Likewise, the time-code SMPTE works with other equipment to sync different types of devices (light consoll, flames, Ledwalls, videos, special effects…)

How do you fire?

When the Master is turned on, the operator sees the home screen from which he can access all technical settings, execute the firing and recognize the systems. With this last feature, the Master recalls all modules one at a time and notifies their presence and the condition of each firing cue.

After opening the menu, the operator can decide whether to select a traditional (manual or semi-automatic) or pyro-musical display, and then select a previously saved program.

At this point you can:
1. execute the SMART TEST: the Master automatically compares the selected program with all connected modules and notifies the operator only if there are any issues (ex. a missing slave, defective firing cue, an extra firing cue…).
2. send the show to the slaves: this allows each module to save in their own internal memory the entire display.
3. proceed with firing: after enabling the safety key, by pressing the FIRE button (or upon reception of the time-code) the actual fireworks are set off!

What are other features?

Listing all the Master Compact’s features would be very long, we will describe only the most important ones:
– A DMX output can be added in order to command up to 50 channels of special effects.
– 4 exclusive SPECIAL buttons are able to operate 4 preset firing channels at any time. They are very useful in case the operator wants to turn on a specific effect at a certain time (even during pyro-musical shows) or in case the operator wants to have back-up material and use it only if necessary.
– The remote controlled stand-by feature on the slaves allows to save electricity during downtime, from mounting to the actual start of the show.
– The latest command “remote turn off” allows the operator to turn off all slaves in the firing area by just pressing a button on the Master. This feature is very useful at the end of a show in order to secure the firing area and avoid draining the slaves’ batteries.
– Option to set language in Italian, English, Spanish, French. A simple and multilingual menu, easy to use and to understand by everyone.
– Audio delay adjustment: our Master allows to compensate slight mismatch due to the delay of sound compared to light. This adjustment can easily be expressed in meters and automatically the Master will execute the correct calculation in order to anticipate or delay the pyro-musical display and avoid the actual mismatch.
– The “individual diagnosis” feature allows the operator to know all internal parameters of all salves directly from the Master’s panel without having to physically go near the slave to check it. This feature allows to save time when testing the systems.

As you can see, the Master Compact is a concentrated blend of technology able to execute all necessary functions to create great shows, without ever leaving aside PYROMAC’s fundamental idea of producing simple and easy-to-use devices for anyone.