Master Compact

Suitcase anti-shock HPRC2300
Audio line-in XLR3 for SMPTE
Prepared (on request) for MIDI timecode
Jack micro-USB port for data transfer (standard usb cable supplied)
Bipolar switch for ignition and charging connector standard 5×2.1
Exclusive Pyromac electronic board with dedicated processor.
Two more distinct universes RS-485 connector for direct connection XLR4 Micro16.
Immediate display battery status via LEDs.
Possibility to select the radio modem integrated with SMA connector panel.
Internal support structure in stainless steel. No hole in the bottom of the suitcase.
Manageable devices: 999 slaves. Through SMPTE: infinite.
Transmission protocol encoded with the unique Code Group to ensure safety even in case of use of multiple systems Pyromac simultaneously.
Ability to manage the duration of activation of all outputs of the slaves.
International Warranty 24 months
CE certified
Made in ITALY

The new Compact Master Pyromac is the real brain needed to handle fireworks and traditional musical pyrotechnics medium-large. Its function is controlled all the power modules placed in the fire-area by optimizing the layout of the channels used and the necessary cables. This is done in a digital way and bi-directional, using the latest communication standards exist. The master control unit is a device that sits between the fireworks and the user, so it is essential that it is effective and at the same time simple and easy to use.
How does this work?
The Master Compact Pyromac is able to accommodate programs manual, semi-automatic or pyromusical and save them in its internal memory. These shows can be recalled at any time to be carried out countless times. Will be sufficient to turn on the Master, select the desired program, enable the security key, and each press of the button will run the FIRE sequence.
How is it connected to the Master Slave modules?
The master communicates with all slaves via radio modem or cable. Through this connection the Master is able to transmit information (firing sequence, sync, inquiries and checks …) and to receive information from various modules (confirmations of attendance, igniters status, confirmations programming…). Pyromac provides two kinds of slaves: the stand-alone modules PYROMAC5 or slippers MICRO16 employees. Both are managed by the master, then the system can be composed of any type of module according to the needs. In the case of cable connection, all modules must be achieved by a special cable XLR4 headed by the Master. In case of use Radio Modem, it will be sufficient to enable all modules to the radio broadcast to manage the entire system without the need for cables. The modems used does not have limitations of connections, then only one receiver is capable of receiving data for the entire system and connected in the same way Pyromac5 each module can be equipped with an internal receiver independent. The radio transmission is encrypted and guaranteed modems used are French products and subject to all applicable European directives in this regard. Their power is the maximum allowed by law and is not required to pay annual fees for the frequency bands used. The trick of the substantial distance reached by modem Pyromac lies in the particular frequency used, which he broke through in the other transmissions and undisturbed comes in all forms. Should you require a higher throughput, it is sufficient to place the antenna higher (originally laid directly on control units), for example, fixing on wooden poles a couple of meters high. You can also purchase directional antennas can triple the distance reached.

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What are the benefits?
The Master Compact Pyromac is able to handle up to 999 slave modules (16 or 32 channels) and a total of 10,000 ignitions. On each channel can be connected to up to 20 ignitors in series. The same limit is set for the radio modules, so even the radio can be operated 999 slaves each with their own modem on board.
The precision used by the system is the hundredth of a second, and then an absolute accuracy given that it is not even perceptible to the human eye!
The maximum length of cable to connect directly XLR4 modules Micro16 the Master is 200 meters, while the maximum number of slaves connected directly is 10 units.
The sync with the audio track that is guaranteed by the timecode controls the accuracy of the shot every 4 hundredths of a second.
The battery life is about 30 hours in normal use and 10 hours of radio transmission continues.
How do you program a show? And how is transferred to the Master?
A show can be created in two ways: using the special software Pyromac (supplied free) or through the well-known software for simulations Finale Fireworks.
In the first case, just install on your computer the CD that came with the Master in order to create already shows manual, semi-automatic or musical pyrotechnics. However, performing the actual simulation is not possible to place the firings with absolute precision. Use of this software is recommended for traditional performances manual and semi-automatic, less for the musical pyrotechnics. For the latter, it is very useful to buy Finale Fireworks, a design program for fireworks able to visually show the final result and to enter any artifice with extreme precision. Both roads lead to the same result anyway: generates two trivial “file myfile.txt” that contain the list of shot.
These are the real programs that are used by the Compact Master.
To copy inside it is sufficient to connect the master to your PC with the supplied USB cable and run the transfer.
How is synchronized audio? with SMPTE time code!
Until now there was no talk of audio tracks, because it was not necessary!
The audio is played outside of the Master in fact, using any CD player, computer, tablet or media players in general. No need to buy anything, good or bad all have an audio player, any type or brand is.
On it will in fact be saved with the desired audio track alongside the time-code. This trivial operation is performed on any computer in seconds.
At the time of the shooting, so you will need to connect a cable to the media player that is split into two parts: one is connected to the audio system, the other is inserted into the Compact Master.
After arming the Master, just press PLAY on the player to start fires and music in perfect sync! You may at any time, press PAUSE and then PLAY again as needed.
This is the easiest to clean and maintain optimum interference-free audio quality, at the same time remains available for other devices to SMPTE time-code sync any other device (controller lights, LED screens and video, effects etc …) .
How to proceed with the shot?
When you turn the fireworks display is the main screen where it can access all of the technical settings, go to the shot, recognize the control units. With this function, the Master calls all the modules one at a time and notify their actual presence and status of each igniters.
Proceeding with the menu, you can choose to run a show traditional (manual or semi-automatic) or piromusicale, then you select one of the programs previously saved.
At this point you can:
1) Run the INTELLIGENT TEST: Master automatically compares the selected program with all modules connected and notify the fireworks display only the inconsistencies (eg slave missing, defective igniter, ignitor excess etc …).
2) Run a simulation of the performance: through all the LEDs on the modules it is possible to simulate the ignition of the show
3) Transmit the show to the slave process which allows each module to save internally the whole show
4) Proceed with the shot actually: after enabling the security key, pressing the FIRE (or receiving time-code) starts firing real!
As you can see there is nothing science fiction and anyone who may be able to proceed with the shot.