Manual 192

Caratteristiche tecniche:

Alimentazione centralina: 24V

Caricabatterie da rete (incluso): 230V 50Hz

Involucro: valigetta HPRC 2300 Orange

Dimensioni: 34x31x16cm

Peso: 5,6Kg

Certificata CE

Garanzia internazionale 24 mesi


Manual The 192 is the new professional ignition system made available by Pyromac for the ignition of the medium-big shows entirely manually controlled by a single control unit.
The connection between controller and slippers can be made via cable or radio (long distance). The possible ignitions are 192, divided into 12 slaves 16 channels each.
The Complete, Easy, No Programming, Reliability, power and modularity of the system, make it the BEST IGNITION SYSTEM FOR TRADITIONAL SHOWS.
The system consists of the main control unit (Manual 192) which has the function of managing all the flip-flops that are connected. In fact it has 12 buttons for the selection of the slave which is to shoot and 16 buttons for the actual firing of the line.
To make the firing of a channel is sufficient to press the slave key that you want to use (A to N) and then the selection line button (1 to 16). E ‘, however, can also shoot more strips simultaneously (eg. By gunfire from multiple locations), just select the one most and when you press the shoot button, all selected devices are triggered simultaneously.
For safety, turn the key to “Armaggio” in order to enable the firing commands. After selecting the module and the power that you want, the FIRE button flashes and its pressure level is the trigger.
The state of the lighters of each slave is shown on the Manual Controller panel. Indeed, there are 16 LEDs in correspondence of each button of shot showing time to time the state of the igniters of the connected slave devices on the basis of which strip is selected. This feature is very useful not only to check the connected lighters, but also to control how far the show has arrived (as the shots are fired to test the lights go out).
The unit is equipped with the battery test, shown by the three special LED (super-charged battery, battery-ok, download-battery). The powerful internal batteries, allow you to perform multiple shows without having to reload every time. It comes special charge Mains battery.
For connection to the power strips simply a small, budget XLR4 cable. The main difference compared to many manual firing systems (including Mac Cable Gold Pyromac remained on sale until a few years ago) is the simplicity of the connection to the power strips: just draw a single cable that starts from the control unit and passing through all power strips. so there must be more than run a cable for each power strip and connect it to the controller. Forget the long, heavy skeins of multi-core cable!

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E ‘can connect to the flip-flops also through radio link. One of the possible optional is in fact the installation of a long-distance communication modem directly inside the controller case, so as not to have cables to be connected. You will then need to purchase one or more “Pyromac6″, which will be placed in the shot and who will then actually connected strips (Cable). In the case of shot from multiple locations it is recommended to use more of a Pyromac6, so as to make all the cables released from workstations (eg. Shot from multiple points in the sea).
Each slave has an internal code that identifies it: it does not matter the order in which they are connected to power strips, each will respond only and only to his address (A-N). In this new system it has also added a “group code” that is a kind of password that every unit has inside. This is to ensure safety even in the case of competitions with competitors using the same firing system. The group code is NOT a concern for the fireworks display: the control units are supplied already coded, functional and ready for use, there is no setup or procedures to be implemented during shooting. From the control unit you can change the address of each strip and the group code (in case you need to borrow forms from colleagues or rent them from Pyromac).
The control unit that many pyrotechnic expected has arrived!
Simple, handsome, Always ready to use, No programming, 192 firing lines, Ignitions single or multiple, XLR4 A single cable for all power strips, Ability to add radio modem.
Signed and guaranteed Pyromac.