Starter 18v

Caratteristiche tecniche:
Alimentazione: 18V
Involucro: alluminio pressofuso
Colore: anodizzato nero
Dimensioni: 6x8x11cm
Peso: 370g
Sicurezza: chiave codificata
Garanzia internazionale 24 mesi

The 18v Starter is an essential device to set off programmed sequences on the Pyromac7 Slave.

The Pyromac7 Slaves, that are programmed in automatic mode (step by step, sequential, accelerated, programmed), need an external impulse to be activated.
This impulse can be given by the Pyromac Starter.

The Starter is made of a die-cast and anodized aluminum case (8x11x5 cm) with a battery and a small electrical circuit inside.

The user has a security key to ignite\enable the stater and a sturdy backlit button to actually activate the impulse. The two red terminals Quick Clips on top of the starter allow the electrical connection of the cables that will be attached to the Pyromac7.