Finale Fireworks

Finale Fireworks 3D is a professional software that allows to create and simulate pyrotechnical shows compatible with the Pyromac firing system.

Using a specific program for designing shows allows the user to simulate the choreography and so achieve the best possibile result. More and more often customers ask for the rendering of the show and now it’s possible. The same Finale 3D generates both the video of the simulated show and the script to insert in the Pyromac Compact Master.

It is also possible to print labels and place them on each firework, indicating all the information for set-up and instructions for the mounting plan.

Finale 3D is the updated version of the famous Finale Fireworks Business, which was sold until 2018. In this new version there is a completely new graphic that allows the user to design big shows in 3D, also including buildings, facilities and anything else that could be in the workspace.

The new feature of September 2019 improved the management of special effects controlled by DMX. In fact, there is a new part of the program that allows to insert moving flames. Among the best known are Expo and Showen, which have specific and improved macros for quick programming. The complete Script will include both pyrotechnic effects and DMX and it can be transferred directly on the Master Compact, which will manage all pyrotechnic Slaves and DMX devices.

For further information on use and the software’s full potential visit the website https://finale3d.com/partners/pyromac/

PYROMAC is the official FINALE 3D distributor on the Italian market.