Do your products come with warranty?

All of our products are covered by international warranty for 24 months from the moment of purchase, as required under European provisions. We provide customer service afterwards as well.

How many modules can I connect to one single Master Compact?

Our Master Compact is able to manage a very high maximum number of slaves: 999!
However, for obvious reasons, these modules cannot draw the necessary energy for use directly from the Master Compact: they will have to be distributed as explained in the instructions.
Up to 12 SLIM16 can be wired directly to the Master Compact.

What is the maximum length of the cable for Slim16 directly connected to the Master?
  • The total length of the wire from the Master to the last Slim16 connected is 200 meters.
Do you recommend buying the wireless or cable system?

It depends on the type of job you have to do: the Pyromac control units are all born to be cable operated, but they have the option to add the internal radio module. Owning a system with both types of communication is with no doubt a great advantage on competitors because it allows you to decide from time to time which method is best for that specific job. So, we recommend to buy the wireless firing system in order to have maximum flexibility in any situation.

If I connect, for example, 5 Slim16 on the same cable, how do I tell them apart?

All slaves have an internal number code that identifies them and that can be modified so that you can give each unit its own unique identity. This is very easy to do with the Master. Afterwards, the Master is able to tell them apart based on their own unique internal identity.

I have a big show, how can I increase the number of slaves?

No problem, all of our products are fully compatible with each other. Therefore you will be able to buy more units even if you already own an older system. No specific installation or configuration is necessary, only setting the ID (address of module) and the client code.

Do you rent firing systems?

Yes, we rent all the components of the professional firing system. Contact us to learn more about terms and conditions.

Can I be sure that my radio Master Compact will not set off my colleague’s fireworks, who is working in the place next to me at the same time?

Yes, each operator can set a unique and secret number that allows to secure your own system. Therefore it is not possible to neither access nor view other people’s slaves during testing.

How many meters of cable do I need to buy?

You can quantify the amount of cable depending on your firing needs.
However, we recommend having extra cable in storage so that you do not have to compromise your firing needs that sometimes are not predictable

I have a Manual 12 channels System and I would like to buy a new one. Can I use the same remote control?

Absolutely yes, the coding procedure allows you to pilot potentially an infinte number of receivers with just one remote control. Likewise, if you want to have two independent systems, you just encode the two receivers separately; so you can use them in the same show, but individually, each with their own remote control.

After how long should the batteries be charged?

Our systems have a very long battery life which allows to put on many shows before they need to be charged. However, we recommend charging them after each show to guarantee the longest working-time possible.

Do the Pyromac system need maintenance?

Products with batteries inside need maintenance every two, maximum three, years in order to have the batteries at their best performance level.  


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