Batteries: use and maintenance

All Pyromac pyrotechnic firing systems have a great lead power supply inside, that guarantees many hours of consecutive or discontinuous use.
However, for those who want to charge the batteries at 100% of their capacity at every single show, they can safely charge them as many times they wish without any downsides.
Very different is letting the battery drain until the system shuts down.
In this case, even if it is possibile to recharge the battery and use the firing system, we recommend to substitute the igniters as soon as possible, because they could have been weakened.
We remind our customers to be cautious and substitute the battery pack once every two years in order to guarantee the maximum performance of all components.
A label on top of the lid will remind you the date of the scheduled maintenance that will take place in our service center.
Using lead batteries also allows the operator a priceless degree of safety. In fact, these batteries are chemically stable and have been super reliable for years. The probability of damage or malfunctioning is close to zero. In contrast, some of our competitors use lithium batteries, which allow quicker charging and are a lot smaller, but, as well-known, they are very dangerous because of spontaneous or lightly caused combustions. Lithium batteries also cannot be transported by plane and can cause issues even in road transport.